Fauvist Landscape with Trees

Jehudith Sobel

Oil on canvas

18 x 24 in.

Signed lower right


Jehudith Sobel

b. 1924

Jehudith Sobel was born in Poland and was raised and educated there. She attended the Academy of Fine Art in Lodz, Poland where she studied with the famous Abstract Constructivists, Wladyslaw Streminski (Malevich’s assistant) and Stefan Wegner from whom she learned the principles of Modern Art as laid down by the European Cubists.

Sobel moved to Israel where her art was well received, winning an award from the Israeli government, before relocating to Manhattan. She continued her career in the New York art world exhibiting her work in the prestigious ACA Gallery, the New Masters Gallery, the Jewish Museum (NY), City College of New York and in other galleries and art institutions. She and her architect husband bought a summer house in Woodstock, New York and began exhibiting at the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum and other galleries there, including The Ann Leonard Gallery and The Rudolph Gallery.

Her work shows the influence of her contemporaries including Matisse, Bonnard, Malevich, Braque and of another Polish American Painter, Frederick Serger, her neighbor and friend in Woodstock. She lived and worked in Woodstock, Harlem, City Island and in Manhattan. Sobel’s work is held in many private collections and museums.

Selected Collections:
  • Museum of Modern Art, Lodz, Poland
  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • The Jewish Museum, New York
  • Museum of Modern Art at Haifa, Israel

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