Book — An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

Steve Martin (actor, comedian, writer AND art collector) wrote a page turner about a young woman’s ascent in the art world, An Object of Beauty (Grand Central Publishing, 2010). Set in New York in the 1990s, the reader follows the woman’s escapades from lowly Sotheby’s mailroom girl to high stakes art dealing. Martin peppers the plot with real events and people like the infamous and flamboyant art dealer who is nearly convicted of murder and other luminaries of the 1990s art world.

This book is humorous, irreverent and revealing. You do not need to be an art world insider to enjoy it, but if you are you’ll like it all the more. Read more…

Picasso and Petrus. This thief has good taste.


Blouin Art Info
by Kyle Chayka

Sommelier-turned-art-thief Mark Lugo became infamous after he strolled out of San Francisco’s Weinstein Gallery with a $200,000 Picasso drawing, and was later found to be harboring a stash of stolen art at his Jersey apartment (his “collection,” valued at more than $430,000 included works by artists ranging from Basquiat to Yoshitomo Nara.) Yesterday, he at last pleaded guilty to art theft in New York. Read more…

Real of Fake?

Can you tell if this work is by Jackson Pollock? It sold for $17 million so one would assume everyone on both sides of the sale did their homework. However, according to paint analysis (pigments used in this work were not invented until years after it was allegedly painted) it’s a fake.

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