Destination: Marblehead, Massachusetts


What a serene early summer evening! I want to be on that sailboat heading in from a great day on the water. William Stone was a Boston artist who often painted light-filled canvases depicting the New England coast like the picture above of Marblehead, MA.

Marblehead is a charming small New England community north of Boston. It was founded in 1629 as a commercial fishing village and grew into a maritime industrial center by the outset of the Revolutionary War. During the Colonial period, Marblehead was one of the largest towns in the Colonies and enjoyed much prosperity. During this time many magnificent homes were built, some 200 of these survive. Marblehead continued to thrive and by the 1880s its appeal as a seaside resort was established and the yachting tradition was born.

This lovely town is thought of as the Yachting Capital of America and is the birthplace of the US Navy. It enjoys endless views and amazing sunsets. Just looking at this painting makes me want to book my trip!

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  1. Polly

    What a gorgeous picture! It reminds me of summers as a child. And the travel advice and historic details are inspired.

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